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A tone is heard by the receiving station at the beginning of each of my transmissions.

The Internet Connection feature of the radio is turned on. To turn it off press and release the left Vol knob. This will be the lower button on the left which is often mistaken as the one used fo
Beep at the beginning of transmission

The "Internet" feature has been turned on by pressing the lower left button. Turn off by pressing the lower left button again. Screen should display "INT OFF" after pressing the button.
Cannot Get from or Send to radio

If communications fail between the FT-8800 and the computer when attempting to Get data from or Send data to, check that the radio is not in Cross Band Repeat mode.   To check:  
Clone Mode Center Button

When instructed to push the center button for radio to cycle off then back on in clone mode, this function takes a very quick tap.
Loss of Audio

After programming, the radio has no audio from the built in speaker.  This is a strange one since by default the radio puts audio to the internal speaker.  There is, however, a setting
Power Button

Power Button is the lower right button, not the top as you would think...
Radio will not access start-up menu

While holding the left V/M key and turning power on, the radio will not access the Start-up menu.   Be sure the customer is using the LEFT V/M key and the Power on button (lower right) ON T
Toggle Channel Name / Frequency display

To toggle the Channel Name / Frequency display: If the channel is on the left side. Press and hold the [LOW] key on the "left" side of the radio for 1/2 second to switch the display between A