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>Br>Loss of info on display of radio (Operating mode)

This article is going to discuss both the radio and the programmer... The issue is that when the radio is in Large Character display for the names for the memory channels, the VFO/Memory Label and the
60 Meter Issue

60 Meter Issues   -    If the radio has been modified, the 60 meters will become inaccessible. The FT-857D/FT-897D and FT-817D each have 5 preprogrammed 60M channels. The frequ
60 Meters

If you can't access these frequencies on a "D" radio (like you were able to in the past but not now), check that the radio is not in a Memory Group. To check, please turn the knob while in memor
Banks in the FT-857

Banks in the Yaesu FT-857 are predetermined into groups of 20. To use these, the details must be entered into memory channels according to the predetermined schemes (1-20 / 21-40 / 41-60 / etc).
Banks or Memory Groups

BANKS or MEMORY GROUPS AS THEY ARE KNOWN ON THIS RADIO... On this radio, the banks are 1-20, 21-40, 41-60 etc, so you will need to set up your channels accordingly if you want them in banks.
CTCSS or PL Tones do not transmit

CTCSS or PL Tones do not transmit This will happen if the cable is left connected to the radio and is NOT connected to the computer (it sets up a ground loop that causes this problem).
FT-857/897 Shortcut Does Not Open Programmer and Icon Is Missing

This issue sometimes comes up if you have an installation disc from 2012 or earlier. To resolve it, please follow the instructions below: Right click on the shortcut for the programmer and click pro
LTG Tuner/Cable

If the radio has an LTG Tuner on it, it will have a port on the tuner for the USB-62 to plug in - yes our software will run through this tuner for programming.
Memories won't come up on the radio

If after data is sent to the radio and you can't get into the memories. You need to go into radio menu settings (settings), 4th one from bottom (Memory Group) in left column, is this checked? We DO N
Radio won't go into CLONE mode

Radio Won't Go into CLONE mode -   Check two things...   1)  Check that the you are holding the correct buttons while turning on the radio.  It has been amazin
Remote Mic (HM-59) not working properly

Problem:   The microphone (HM-59) worked before I used ADMS-4B to program the radio. If I reset the radio, the microphone starts working properly. If I reload the saved fre
Menu Item 86 - TX IF Filter
Transmit filters are not applicable to an FM mode. Yaesu does not display (leaves blank) the selection for menu 86 if the radio is on an FM UHF/VHF frequency. Once a transmit mode applicable to the f