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Priority Channel

Priority Channel   - enabled and disabled through keypad, not in the software, specific keys and instructions in the manual or in the help files.
Radio Displays "B00000" instead of frequency

You have toggled the radio into Channel mode. A great thing to use for someone you want to have limited access to features through the face of the radio. To toggle the radio back to normal mode
VFO Display BOOOO instead of Frequency

To toggle the FT-2900 press and hold the Set/MHz key while turning the radio on.

FT-2900 Memory Bank Limit

The Yaesu FT-2900 will allow only 50 channels per memory bank. This is contrary to the information presented on page 34 in the Operating Manual for the radio. There it states "Each Memory Bank can be
Include or exclude Weather Channels while scanning
When I set my Yaesu FT-2900 to scan Banks (B1, B2, or B3), it always includes scanning the Weather channels. I cannot seem to find a tab to turn off this feature? Is it possible to NOT include the