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Com Port setup for RT Systems programmers

This is NOT something for the programmers that the average user needs to concern themself with. Even if you program several different radios, as long as they are the type that you connect to the comp

CSQ Tone Mode

CSQ means there is no tone. So you can pick it up. I have about 10 scanners, and don't have a single tone programmed. I enjoy hearing the distant stations when conditions are right, and capture effec
Cannot hit repeater

Programming radios today with frequencies, offsets, and tones for repeater operations introduces lots of variables for performance.   There is one other to keep in mind... especially if thi
Frequency Mute

Many radios, especially those from the Chinese manufacturers and distributors, have a feature that is labeled in the programmer as Frequency Mute. This feature is Sub-Band Mute with options of Off (th
Radio rings when no one is calling

Presuming that you are working through a repeater with tone control,  you hear the ringing after you release the PTT.   If this is the case, what you are receiving is the repeater "squ
Problems with Driver Signature Enforcement on Windows 7 x64.
In some versions of Windows 7 x64, we have been experiencing issues with verifying the digital signature on our drivers for the RT Systems USB cables. This problem is an indication that you
RT Systems Control Cable Tester

RT Systems makes many cables that work for CAT control with many radios from several different manufacturers. Check our site for your particular model. Sometimes it can be hard to set all the require
The new programmer interface to RFinder Worldwide Database
RFinder Worldwide Database RFinder Worldwide Database Interface to RT Systems Programmers   The RFinder (RepeaterFinder) Worldwide Repe