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Cross Band repeat operations on TM-V71 and TM-D710/d710G radios

The Kenwood mobiles, TM-V71A and TM-D710/D710G (American versions only of each) have crossband repeat functionality. This functionality can be set up to work with two radios for simplex operations or

KRS-710 Installer

During installation of the KRS-710 programmer, you will be prompted with the following screen to select the program for the Original (D-710) or newer (D-710G) radio. Be sure to install the correct ve
Cannot read TM-D710 - Error

When communicating with the TM-D710 using the our software the PC Port Speed must be set to 9600 bps. To change the PC Port Speed go to menu item 519 and change it to 9600 bps. After changi
Firmware Updates

The USB-K5G can be used for firmware upgrades from Kenwood on this radio.

Groups for this radio are designated as follows: 0-99 are Group 1 100-199 = Group 2 200-299 = Group 3  and so on, So if you do not have 99 frequency's you want in group 1, you ca
Packet Connection

Realize that the USB-K5G is made to replicate the original serial cable from Kenwood, PG-5G.  Whatever that original cable can be used for, the USB-K5G will work in its place.  As for
Receive Beep When Scanning

To turn off the Beep heard when a signal is received during scanning, you must control Menu Item Number 624 Rx Beep. That item can be set separately for each Programmable memory. If you are not usi
USB-K5G use on the TM-D710

Note to staff, I'm also using your USB-K5G Programming Cable with the front panel of my radio connect with its TNC. It's a Kenwood TM-D710GA being used for Winlink. (Connection is on the back of the
Cycling bands in VFO on the TM-D710 and TM-D710G
While in VFO mode, press the F and the VOL/SQL knob for the control side to cycle through the VFO bands.