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Memories of the DR-735

The Alinco DR-735 is quite a radio when it comes to memories. DR-735 Memory Modes This video will show you all of this in the programmer and you can have this written account to refer to as you work w
DJ-500 Failure to connect to the radio from the APK-500 Programmer
Communications between the DJ-500 radio and the APK-500 Programmer will fail if the radio is receiving a signal (even noise) when you attempt either the Get data from radio or Send data to radio p
DR-635 Out of Band Transmission
After the DR-635 is modified for out of band transmission, complete Communications | Get data from radio into a New file to let the programmer know that the radio is now modified. Once you have co
DR-735 Auto Repeater Shift Functionality
The DR-735 has a little "quirk" when the Auto Repeater Shift option (Menu item 20) is engaged. This option will take over operations of the radio for the frequency ranges shown on page 46 of the I
DR-735 Color Mode
The DR-735 is wonderful with the colors it can display. This gives one added measure to help keep you organized so you can enjoy the hobby that much more. To set up colors in the radio using
DTMF tones in DR-135, DR-235 and DR-435 radios
It appears that Alinco ignored conventional labeling for the tones. Let's say that convention is 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D *(E) #(F). Each of these is associated with a hex value. Now for the *
Repeater Access Tones
With so many more repeaters today on frequencies so close together, repeaters are controlled with sub-audible tones to limit access and reduce interference. The tone frequency or DCS code assigned