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Radios that prevent transmission on a memory channel

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Antivirus Programs

While antivirus programs are a necessity today, some are becoming too aggressive in their attempts to protect you to the point that you cannot do the things you want to do on your computer. You will
Application Closes

If the APPLICATION CLOSES when trying to use "Radio Menu Settings" you need to reload the program - DO Not uninstall, just reload or re-install the program, this should fix this issue.
DCS Polarity

DCS Polarity
dllx.600 or 501 or LOAD error

Incompatibility mode issue - right click on radio icon, down to properties, then center tab of compatibility - DO NOT want a mode checked, if it is checked, un-check "Run this program in Compatibilit
Error - Can't load Ftd2xx.dll - Error

1) Has the RT Systems USB cable been plugged in yet? If not, please attach the appropriate RT Systems USB cable for this programmer. Give Windows a little time to complete installation of the drivers
Error During Update - updatelog.txt

During updates, or immediately following program installation, you may get an error that reads: "An error must have occurred Please send the file that is shown in the next screen to techsupport@rtsyst
FT_W32_GetComMask - Error

Error with USB cable Customer reports error with USB cable when accessed in programmer. The error message is: "CommondataV4 Error: Can't Find FT_W32_GetCommMask" I get this error twice an
Install Disc 1 - error message at installation

The error message - " Install disc 1 " - occasionally happens when the program is installed. Most of the time, this means that it just had a problem with the drivers. The steps below will fix the pro
Nack/ACK Error

If this error is received... Review the steps to get into "clone mode" carefully, making sure to follow each one, this will sometimes take care of this error. If all steps have been followe
No Radio Modules Were Found Error

This error most commonly occurs upon trying to start up the radio programmer immediately after installation. There are two different methods that can help fix this problem - we recommend you try meth
Program closes when Settings | Radio Menu Settings is accessed

If the APPLICATION CLOSES when trying to use "Radio Menu Settings" you need to reload the program DO NOT UNINSTALL ... just reload or re-install the program. The problem arises when a certain
Runtime not installing or Side by Side configuration error message

This error appears when the programmer is first run after installation. A Windows error appears with text that include a reference to a "side by side" error. This error is results from the runtime fi
Updated and now I get a "Control Cannot be created" error

What we need to do is re-run the update program which is called RTUpdaterV45u.exe and is located at: For 32-bit systems: C:\Program Files\Common Files\RT SystemsV4u\RTUpdaterV45u.exe or 
Updating Version 4 after failure

You have to ensure no compatibility settings are active, allow the program full access in McAfee, and briefly turn off Windows Firewall.   If the program update fails, you have to re-install
USB Driver Error - Code 39 {Bad Image} on Windows 10

The Spring Creators Update for Windows 10 has been known to cause an issue with the USB driver installation for RT Systems cables. If you have found you get a "Code 39" error as seen in the picture b
The Option to not transmit
Some radios available today have the option that allows you to prevent or inhibit transmit on a given channel. Included here are those models and the steps to prevent or inhibit transmission (to Not
Information from External Data Sources
The RT Systems programmers interface with four different external data sources: ARRL TravelPlus, Radio Reference, Repeater Book and RFinder Worldwide Repeater Directory. Access to this data is control
RT Systems Programmer Installation
Installation for the RT Systems programmers must be completed using the original CDs. Yes, we know this is 2015 and most things are downloadable; but the programmers you purchased in years past were
Cannot save programming files to documents.
On a very few computers, the Documents folder becomes locked and the Programmers cannot save a file to this location. The only solution is to save to another directory. Create a directory in Download
Installation files via Electronic Delivery
Have your RT Systems programmer NOW!! Electronic delivery of installation files gets it done. See it done here for more details. The same great software... just a differen