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HF DSTAR Activities

To set up the IC-7100 for HF DSTAR operations 1) Enter your FCC issued callsign as My callsign 2) Enter CQCQCQ as Your Call (nothing is required for Rpt1 or Rpt2 callsigns as do operations th
Less Than 6 Characters Error Occurs After Update

This error was caused by the update released on 13 Feb. 2014. The update expanded the functionality of the programmer to include the radio's GPS and scan settings, but the expansion rendered old sett
Send Data to Radio Fails (European Models Only) IC-7100, IC-9100

This guide may apply in cases where the following are true: You can get data from the radio (click Communications > Get data from radio) with no problems You cannot send data to the radio
IC-7100 E4 Firmware Upgrade
On about May 19, 2015, Icom issued a firmware upgrade for the IC-7100. RT Systems learned of this upgrade on May 20th and immediately began changing the WCS-7100 programmer to address the changes. An
Silicon Labs Drivers
1) Many radios are now using Silicon Lab Drivers to communicate between the radio and the computer. Given how RT Systems programmers "find" the radio for you in the Communications | Get or Send data