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DR Memories

When programming channels into the DR memories, they must have a call sign associated with RPT1 and RPT2 and be set to DV mode to show up in the Gateway CQ section of the "TO" list (Incoming signal)
HF DSTAR Activities

To set up the IC-7100 for HF DSTAR operations 1) Enter your FCC issued callsign as My callsign 2) Enter CQCQCQ as Your Call (nothing is required for Rpt1 or Rpt2 callsigns as do operations th
DStar Gateway Version 3 ("G3") 11/2016
There is a lot of speculation and bad information propagating throughout the D-STAR community regarding ID-51A Plus2, the RS-RP3C (G3) software, K5TIT and the Trust Server. This is offered in an ef
D-Star Calc not available in menu
If the D-Star columns are not visible in the spreadsheet, the D-Star Calc selection will not be available in the menu. Causes for hidden D-Star Columns in the spreadsheet:    
DVAP Setup
Setup of the Echo (E) and Status/Info (I) UR callsigns on a DVAP can vary depending on the specific DVAP software you're using. Generally, there are three different methods, at least one of which sho