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Cross Band repeat operations on TM-V71 and TM-D710/d710G radios

The Kenwood mobiles, TM-V71A and TM-D710/D710G (American versions only of each) have crossband repeat functionality. This functionality can be set up to work with two radios for simplex operations or
Band A and Band B 2M/440Mhz Separation

All memory channels are a part of Band A AND Band B. There is not a Band A set of memories and a Band B set of memories. However, the radio can be made to hide selected bands making it appear th
Equipment required for EchoLink

To use EchoLink on the TM-V71, you'll need two separate cables for this radio. 1. The USB-K5G cable 2. PG-5H Cable (from Kenwood) You'll need to have both of these cables plugged into th
KRS-V71 Version 5.00.19 Update

The update to Version 5.00.19 of the KRS-V71 programmer for the Kenwood TM-V71 is an important one IF you use certain features on your radio. You will see the issue on your radio IF you set Memory Re
Name Display

Name display on the radio can be controlled two ways:  The programmer sets Show Name to On for all Programmable Memories.  If a name is entered, it will be displayed.  If no name
Unable to establish communications with radio

When communicating with the TM-V71 using the our software the PC Port Speed must be set to 9600 bps. To change the PC Port Speed go to menu item 519 and change it to 9600 bps. After changing the PC P
Use of D710 head with TM-V71

If you plan to use the head from the TM-D710 for the TM-V71 radio you will need the RT Systems programmers for the TM-D710 to use with that combination. Once the head is changed, the radio takes