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Cable Information

The USB-RTS01 plugs into the back of the radio, 2nd one from the heat sink. The USB-RTS01 can be used anytime the CT-17 is called for.
Data Transfer

This is the only radio, we make software for that they may transfer partial loads of data, ex - could select just band A, or just band B, etc.
Name Display

According to the Icom manual and to Icom tech support, the only way the names are displayed on the radio is if the radio display is in List Mode.   To enter List Mode:  Press Menu
Skip Channels

This radio does NOT have the option to skip channels in the memory mode, just not an option designed into the radio.
Serial number mixup

There is a run of CDs for installing the WCS-7000 programmer from RT Systems that are labeled with the wrong serial number. These have a Lot number of YDXR on the face of the CD. The serial numb
Memory channels of the radio can be organized into 5 different banks by entering channel details on the Bank A, B, C, D or E tab in the programmer. Each of these can accommodate 99 memory channels
Communications Error - IC-7000
When the Communications | Get data from radio or Communications | Send data to radio process cannot communicate with the radio, the following message will be displayed. This message