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FT-3D Separate Channels in top and bottom displays

The FT-3D radio has two displays. So why when I program that radio do all the channels show up on the top and the bottom? The radio was designed with one "bucket" of memory channels but two ways to lo
Programming CAM Channels

Club Channel Activity Monitoring

The RT Systems programmer can help you manage the CAM Channels in the FT-3D radio. See activity on up to 5 channels in each of 10 groups: so you know where the conversations are going on. To setup the
Strange Behavior for the Memory channels

A strange feature of the radio involves memory channel selection. It seems to only affect the Broadcast Band frequencies and is only an issue in Band A of the radio. This could be by design and we hav
YPS-3D for Mac or Windows OS

October 11, 2019 The YPS-3D software is now available for Mac or Windows OS. Requirements are: Windows version: Windows 7.0, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit platforms) Mac OS : Mave