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APRS Mute on FTM-100 is a real "GOTCHA!!"

With APRS Mute set to On, the radio will hear NOTHING. The speaker is muted for Band A and Band B even if you are working APRS on the other. If you are having trouble receiving a signal and Tone Mode
Sept 2017 Firmware Upgrade for Yaesu FTM-400 and FTM-100

Using the RT Systems ADMS-M400 or the ADMS-M100 Programmer after the Firmware Upgrade Yaesu released firmware upgrades for each the FTM-100

APRS Text Messages

APRS Text messages in the Yaesu radios are not saved to permanent memory.. I am referring to those described on page 48 of the APRS manual for the FTM-400 (I would think there are comparable descripti
APRS SSID (Station identifier)
In the Programmer for the radios with APRS, you will find reference to SSID along with Callsign on the APRS tab. It took me a while to figure out what this field was for and since this information is
Loss of audio on Band B
On the FTM-100 or FTM-400 loss of audio (and seemingly functionality) on Band B is a result of APRS being turned on. If APRS was engaged at any time when you did Communications | Get data from radio,