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Radio does "NOTHING" with Get data from

The lock of the radio is tied to the power button. If you press the power button again after turning on that radio and do not hold it long enough to turn the radio off... it will lock. If the radio i
Weather channels included with scan

The scan on the radio includes both my programmed memory channels and the weather channels. I would like the weather channels to be excluded. Turn off Weather Alert to exclude the weather channels du
Memory Protect
An option in the Settings of the RT Systems programmer for the FTM-3200 is Memory / Protect. This option is one that can be accessed only from the program. It allows you to protect the memory channel
Priority Channel Display
In memory mode, frequency display, the frequency will display as P45.250 when you know you entered the frequency as 145.250 or as "PEST" when you know you entered "TEST" as the name. The "P" indicate
Programmable Keys No Longer Work
In the firmware upgrade released by Yaesu in November 2017, the P1 and P2 keys are preset to options for the new Digital Group ID features. The settings for these keys cannot be changed from the face