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USB-70 and USB-72 Cables

In mid-2015, RT Systems released programming software and cables for a few new mobile radios. At the time, these mobile radios used our USB-72 cable as pictured below. It had the correct fitting plug
Display of Btech UV-2501 radio
The UV-2501 displays +- above the frequency for ALL channels with an offset. Whether it's Plus or Minus. In the programmer you will set the repeaters appropriately for Plus or Minus with the published
Details about channels in Btech GMRSV1 Radio
The BTECH GMRS-V1 radio is interesting in its design. The first 22 memory channels are pre-programmed from the factory with GMRS simplex and repeater channels. These channels are presented on the GMR
Cross Band Repeat... not quite what you expect
Many of the radios on the market today advertise "cross band" operations. Beware, currently (09/02/2019) this function may not be what you expect. True cross band repeat operations work with two chann