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Changing function of Menu button on Liexen VV-998 radio

The Leixen VV-998 radio has only two programmable buttons that can be configured in three ways given one of them responds to a short and long press. The function of the V/M button and the function of
Programming this radio in all its varieties

The VV-898 comes in several varieties... Dual Band and tri band... version 1.07, 1.08 and beyond. The RT Systems programmers work with as many of these as we have seen and been able to identify corre
Hints and Tricks for the Liexen UV-898
The Liexen VV-898 has a few interesting "quirks" that make programming a little confusing. Knowing these will make things easier for you. Name Display: Enter text in Name field Check S
Liexen VV-898S Tri Power radio

The RT Systems LXN-898 programmer works with the original VV-898 radio and now with the new VV-898S radio. Simply run Help | Check for updates in the original LXN-898 program to get the changes. (or