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Radio does not transmit after programming

This is Camille Taylor, KX4CAM. On Friday, 12/27/19, you were helping me with an issue. After programming my radio, I discovered that I could no longer transmit. Fortunately, I finally stumbled upon
FT-991 Repeater Offsets

The FT-991 is interesting in how it handles offsets. You have choices here... you can read this write up or you can watch a video that covers the same topic . Your choice... reading might be a

1750 Tone in FT-991/991A

So, you have programmed the radio with the memory channel information you wan and the repeaters require a 1750 tone for access. All worked well when you used the option in VFO, but now the function d
FT-991 PTT Remote Keying
I have the new Yaesu FT-991 radio and my desire is to be able to key the radio PTT via the DB-9 connection on the radio, using the RTS line. On the radio the assigned pins are RTS-7, CTS-8, DTR-4. Th
Silicon Labs Drivers
1) Many radios are now using Silicon Lab Drivers to communicate between the radio and the computer. Given how RT Systems programmers "find" the radio for you in the Communications | Get or Send data