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Radio does not transmit after programming

This is Camille Taylor, KX4CAM. On Friday, 12/27/19, you were helping me with an issue. After programming my radio, I discovered that I could no longer transmit. Fortunately, I finally stumbled upon
FT-991 Repeater Offsets

The FT-991 is interesting in how it handles offsets. You have choices here... you can read this write up or you can watch a video that covers the same topic . Your choice... reading might be a
FT-991 PTT Remote Keying
I have the new Yaesu FT-991 radio and my desire is to be able to key the radio PTT via the DB-9 connection on the radio, using the RTS line. On the radio the assigned pins are RTS-7, CTS-8, DTR-4. Th
Silicon Labs Drivers
A handful of the radios RT Systems addresses have built in USB capabilities. These radios would not require the use of a specific RT Systems cable. A standard USB A to B or USB A to Mini B cable is w