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2 Meter Radio

The FT-270 is a 2 meter only radio thus transmitting on in the 144-148 range.
2.5kHz steps in Wouxum KG-UV920P

The Wouxum KG-UV920P was first released without 2.5kHz steps. This would keep it from reaching a frequency such as 449.9775. You would receive an Invalid frequency error message when trying to enter t
440 Only Radio

The FT-277 is a 440 meter only radio - comparable to the 270 (which was 140 frequency, but 2 meter only)
6 & 10 Meters - Right and Left sides

6 & 10 Meters   - Yes, you can program 6 and 10 meters into this radio.  Type them into memory channels in the program in any order.   The left side of the radio will use and
60 Meter Channels

The memory channels on the Yaesu FT-950 are addressed through the CAT controls on the radio. However, the 60m frequencies are not addressed through the CAT controls. In older Yaesu radios, the 6
60 Meter Issue

60 Meter Issues   -    If the radio has been modified, the 60 meters will become inaccessible. The FT-857D/FT-897D and FT-817D each have 5 preprogrammed 60M channels. The frequ
60 Meters

If you can't access these frequencies on a "D" radio (like you were able to in the past but not now), check that the radio is not in a Memory Group. To check, please turn the knob while in memor
A tone is heard by the receiving station at the beginning of each of my transmissions.

The Internet Connection feature of the radio is turned on. To turn it off press and release the left Vol knob. This will be the lower button on the left which is often mistaken as the one used fo
AL Channel on Call Tab

AL channel is used for programming the Weather Alert channel. This option is only available in the TM-271 radio and not the TM-471.
All Band Mode

The VX-2 radio will receive in 11 different bands as detailed on page 10 of the radio's manual.  These include broadcast, shortwave, TV bands, etc.   If the radio gets toggled into Ham O
Allowing Driver Installation on the Mac

Drivers for RT Systems Radio Programming Cables Installation on the Mac Allowing the process to complete in Security and Privacy
Antivirus Programs

While antivirus programs are a necessity today, some are becoming too aggressive in their attempts to protect you to the point that you cannot do the things you want to do on your computer. You will
Application Closes

If the APPLICATION CLOSES when trying to use "Radio Menu Settings" you need to reload the program - DO Not uninstall, just reload or re-install the program, this should fix this issue.
APRS/Packet Sort Filter

        Sort:  This is reset to Time when the radio is turned off. This was true in the original radio and is still true in the 1.2 version.  It i
Audio with Ham Radio Deluxe

It appears that HRD can pass audio for PSK-31 through the CAT port.  See details Good information here. Appears from the details of the article that the
Auto Step and Limit Memory Scanning

The Limit Memory channels that are PMS scanning setup in the FTM-400 offer a Step option. This option is used by the radio during scanning only if Auto Step is turned off. The default for Auto St
Band A and Band B 2M/440Mhz Separation

All memory channels are a part of Band A AND Band B.  There is not a Band A set of memories and a Band B set of memories.  However, the radio can be made to hide selected bands making
Bank Names

Starting with the VX-6 radio and newer model Yaesu radio's, you can change the name of the banks in each radio.
Bank Names

From the programmer, "Settings" - select Bank Names and Linking, select in a Bank square, back space until it is blank, now type in the 6 characters you want to name the bank (size is limited by the
Banks - Accessing on the radio after programming

Once programming of the IC-92 is complete, power the radio off and back on to return to normal mode. Press [MR] repeatedly to enter memory bank mode.... this is the tricky part of the process. Y