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Can't program the IC-7200

IC-7200 communication fails between the radio and the computer. Check the following: The USB-A to USB-B cable you are using. Not all cables are created equally. I have seen customers go through severa

Cannot get data from Kenwood TH-K2 radio

When the radio is connected to a PC in order to use a programming cable (RT Systems USB-K4Y) and programming software, you MUST configure the SP/MIC jack function prior to making a connection between

Channel numbers don't show on DB25 or QB25 radios

Press ABCD button to move between displays Press V/M to change to memory mode.

Com Port setup for RT Systems programmers

This is NOT something for the programmers that the average user needs to concern themself with. Even if you program several different radios, as long as they are the type that you connect to the comp

Cross Band repeat operations on TM-V71 and TM-D710/d710G radios

The Kenwood mobiles, TM-V71A and TM-D710/D710G (American versions only of each) have crossband repeat functionality. This functionality can be set up to work with two radios for simplex operations or

CSQ Tone Mode

CSQ means there is no tone. So you can pick it up. I have about 10 scanners, and don't have a single tone programmed. I enjoy hearing the distant stations when conditions are right, and capture effec

Failure in FTM-300 radio

There is a bug in the design of the FTM-300 that is easy to avoid but is fatal if you encounter it. While it is easy to set up in the programmer, it is NOT the fault of the programmer, it is by design
>Br>Loss of info on display of radio (Operating mode)

This article is going to discuss both the radio and the programmer... The issue is that when the radio is in Large Character display for the names for the memory channels, the VFO/Memory Label and the

Bank Names

From the programmer, "Settings" | Bank Names and Linking, select in a Bank square, If necessary, back space until it is blank, now type in the 6 characters you want to name the bank (size is limited

Baofeng UV-82x3 TriBand Radio

The BAO-82 programmer works with the UV-82x3 tri-band radio and several dual band models. Be sure to do Communications | Get data from radio to let the program know that it is working with a tri-band

IC-7610 Repeater Work

IC-7610 Quick Offset Frequency Notes To enter the desired offset frequency which will be used in modes other than FM, access the F-INP screen on the radio by touching the MHz digits on th

ID-51...Time out getting data from radio

The ID-51 radio has gone through three iterations since it was first released. The changes to each of the models have been significant enough that it was best to design a programmer that addresses ea

KRS-710 Installer

During installation of the KRS-710 programmer, you will be prompted with the following screen to select the program for the Original (D-710) or newer (D-710G) radio. Be sure to install the correct ve

User Band Edge in the IC-7300

Sequence of operation: 1. Open the program 2. Select SETTINGS then Select the RADIO MENU SETTINGS dropdown item 3. Select SET MODE 3 tab 4. Go to the USER BAND EDGE box 5. At this point, nothing can

VX-3 Programming Cable Connection<

The USB-57A cable plugs into the top of the radio (not the side) of the radio. If the process fails (won't even get started) during Communications | Get data from radio, check this first!

VX-3 Recovery after radio lock up

Yaesu tech advised customer to remove battery press (mode)(v/m) while replacing the battery to reset.
2 Meter Radio

The FT-270 is a 2 meter onl y radio thus transmitting on in the 144-148 range.
2 Meter Radio

A couple of months ago I purchased a Yaesu FT70D along with your ADMS-70D software, and I was unable to get it to work on MacOS as it kept crashing. I spoke with your tech support and they were able
2 Meter Radio

The FT-270 is a 2 meter only radio thus transmitting on in the 144-148 range.
2.5kHz steps in Wouxum KG-UV920P

The Wouxum KG-UV920P was first released without 2.5kHz steps. This would keep it from reaching a frequency such as 449.9775. You would receive an Invalid frequency error message when trying to enter t