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Communications | Get data from radio
Last Updated: 09/11/2012
"The data from the radio will overwrite this file. Continue?"

This message will be raised by the programmer when you select Communications | Get data from radio with a file open that is not a new (default) file into which no entries have been made.

This message is warning you that you will replace any information you have entered with whatever is in the radio. The "whatever" could be all blank channels.

Answer "yes" if you want to lose all the information that appears on the screen. Answer "no" if you don't want to lose several hours of work spent creating the file on the screen. To prevent loss of information, first do File | New to open a new (default) file. Then while looking at that file, do Communications | Get data from radio and complete that process. Your file will drop to the background and be protected from during this part of the process.

Once you complete Communications | Get data from radio, return to your file by a) selecting the tab at the top of the page; or b) selecting File | Open and open the file from the list presented (if you closed it some time during the process.)

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