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Last Updated: 08/08/2013
The USB-63 cable works with many Yaesu and Kenwood HF radios: specifically those with a 9-pin male CAT connection on the radio.  

The USB-63 works with

Yaesu FT-450 FT-920 FT-950 FT-1000MP
FT-2000 FT-5000 FT-9000

TS-480 TS-570 TS-590 TS-870 TS-2000

The cable works for programming with RT Systems software and for control with other software that controls the radio from the computer. 

It can also be used in may cases for firmware upgrades issued by the manufacturer when those upgrade are done through the CAT port of the radio (special consideration for the computer designation assigned to the cable by Windows may be necessary for this process.  RT Systems will be happy to help with this part of setup for the cable.)

Comport Designation -  If you attach the USB cable to a different port on the computer, the comport designation may change. 

If you were able to connect with the radio earlier and then loose that connection later, this is the first thing to check. 

If you change the comport designation on this cable, you will need to re-boot your computer for this change to be take effect. 

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