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Install Disc 1 - error message at installation

Last Updated: 07/16/2014
The error message - "Install disc 1" - occasionally happens when the program is installed. Most of the time, this means that it just had a problem with the drivers. The steps below will fix the problem most of the time. If you continue to have problems running the software after following these steps, please contact tech support.

FIRST - DO NOT plug in the cable!

First method:

  1. Click on cancel or no - get the "Install disc 1" message to go away.
  2. The programmer will say "A decompression error has occured". Again, get out of this - click cancel or no.
  3. If at any time you get "Installation was not properly completed, would you like to rollback changes?" do not roll back the changes. It will uninstall the program if you do this and you will need to start over.
  4. At this point, the programmer will have been installed on your computer - it's just missing the cable drivers.
  5. Now, make sure that your computer has an internet connection. Then, visit this link to install the cable drivers
  6. Download the latest programmer updates from this link.
  7. Now, test the program - connect the cable to your computer, go into the program and click Communications > Get Data from Radio. If you get an error message asking you to connect the cable to your computer, please contact tech support.
Second method:

  1. Open a command prompt window. The process to open the command prompt will vary between different versions of Windows - generally you can find it in your start menu under Accessories, Windows Accessories, or Windows System.
  2. Determine the drive letter of your CD or DVD drive. This is most commonly drive D or E. In the command prompt, type your drive letter followed by a colon, then press enter. For example, you might type "D:" or "E:" (no quotes, though)
  3. Then type in "setup nodrivers" (again, no quotes) and press enter. This will install the software without the drivers.
  4. Now, without the cable plugged in, download and run the driver installer from this link. This will get you set up and ready to go!

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