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FT_W32_GetComMask - Error

Last Updated: 08/07/2013
Error with USB cable Customer reports error with USB cable when accessed in programmer. The error message is:

"CommondataV4 Error: Can't Find FT_W32_GetCommMask"
I get this error twice and then I get:

Communication Error "Please check that the RT System cable is securely in the USB Port"
This could be an indication that you are not using the RT Systems USB cable. This same error has been reported when using the ICOM USB cable. If it is the RT Systems USB cable, the solution is: What has happened is that the drivers for the USB cable have been overwritten by an older version. Unfortunately, this happens occasionally in the USB driver world. It is easily corrected by putting the newer file back in place. Just running the updates to the program should put the drivers back. If you have just run them recently, run them again. Updater program is supposed to ping the drivers each time it is run and re-install if necessary. (new 2-2-11)