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Installing the software to a machine without a CD drive.

Last Updated: 03/21/2013
Asked often in reference to the new Netbooks and other "mini" computers.

This process is completed easily by mapping a shared network CD drive to a letter designation on the receiving machine. Once mapped with a letter designation, installation is completed from the original media in the shared CD drive.

Step by Step details include

The RT Systems programmers must be installed from the original CD. This is true whether the CD was purchased as part of a kit from your local dealer or as an electronic download that required you to make the CD.

This process requires a network connection: wired or wireless. This connection will be needed only during installation. These same steps will work for Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. You will find the commands in basically the same places. The labels may have changed slightly between the operating systems; but they are there.

Step 1:   Share the CD drive.
        - On the machine with the CD drive, go to My Computer   (Computer in Vista or Windows 7).
        - Select that drive from the tree on the left or the list on the right.


        - Right click and select Sharing and Security (Sharing in Vista or Windows 7) from the menu.


        - Select the Sharing tab.
        - Click on the "If you understand the risk..." link.


        - (XP)Click the "Share this folder on the network" option.
        - (Vista)Click Advanced Sharing button. Respond OK to allow. Click "Share this folder"
        - Any other option will be completed automatically and correctly. (XP or Vista)


        - Click OK to close.

        - Go to the other machine.


        - On the machine where the programmer is to be installed, open My Computer (Computer in Vista)
        - (XP)Select Tools form the menu at the top. Then "Map a network drive".
        - (Vista)Select "Map network drive" from the options at the top of Computer.


        - The Map network drive dialog opens.


        - Click Browse to find the shared CD drive.
        - Click OK to accept your selection.


       - The Map network drive dialog reappears with the details completed.
       - NOTE: Double check that "Reconnect at logon" is unchecked. Having it checked will significantly reduce the machine's performance.


        - Click OK to map this drive.


        - Back in My Computer (Computer in Vista) select the mapped drive.


        - Run setup from this letter designation.
        - This could be as easy as double-clicking on the drive. Alternately, you may get a directory listing from which you select "Setup". Either way will work.


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