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Cable without control (Version 3)

Last Updated: 07/29/2013
In Version 2 and Version 3 of the RT Systems programmers, serial cables were used to connect between the radio and the computer.

The RT Systems serial cable had electronics in it that could be tested from within the programmers. This testing generated an expected result that indicated to the program that the cable was 1) an RT Systems cable and 2) that it was working properly on a particular port. This testing also identified the port designation to which the cable was attached.

Introduction of the RT Systems USB cables with circuitry designed specifically for them rendered this testing a moot point. While the testing continues and the com port is identified, the program does not see the intended response from the cable and reports it as "A cable without control".

In the original serial cables this was a failure. In the USB cables it is NOT a FAILURE. Use the port that displays this message. Or check in Device Manager to verify the com port designation assigned to the USB cable. The Version 3 RT Systems programs will work just fine (other than this message in com port setup) with the USB cables.

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