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IC-9700 Firmware Version

Last Updated: 12/27/2019
The RT Systems Version 5 programmer for the IC-9700 works with Version 1.20 (and 1.21) of the radio.

If you have upgraded the radio;s firmware from 1.11 to the latest, be sure to let the program know through the following steps.

1) Do Help | Check for Updates from within the programmer. Be sure the programmer is up to date.

2) Do File | New (You want to protect the frequencies in that original file).

3) Do Communication | Get data from radio (This is the only way to tell the program that the firmware of the radio has been upgraded).

4) Change back to your original file (open it again if you closed it or switch to the tab at the top) and do Communications | Send data to radio.

Works every time!!

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