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HF DSTAR Activities

Last Updated: 07/25/2013
To set up the IC-7100 for HF DSTAR operations

1) Enter your FCC issued callsign as My callsign

2) Enter CQCQCQ as Your Call (nothing is required for Rpt1 or Rpt2 callsigns as do operations through a repeater).

3) Enter the frequency

4) Set Operating Mode to DV.

Adjustments to FILTER 1, FILTER 2 and FILTER 3 seem to make a difference with FILTER 2 being the best.

PREAMP set to 2 as a suggested first attempt but some adjustment may be necessary here also.

Key Up and have fun!!!

07/22/2013 HF DV SCHEDULE

Saturday PM 7:00 EDT (2300 UTC)
Sunday AM 10:00 EDT (1400 UTC)
Sunday PM 7:00 EDT (2300 UTC)
Tuesday PM 8:30 EDT
Thursday PM 8:30 EDT

6M 51.180 DV for 5 min             10M 29.480 DV for 5 min

12M 24.938 DV for 5 min            15M 21.380 DV for 5 min

17M 18.148 DV for 5 min            20M 14.280 DM for 5 min

40M 7.285 DV for 5 min             75M 3.880 DV for 5 min

Hope to hear you on the air.
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