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TYT TH-350 5 and 8 character channel names
Last Updated: 09/25/2019
TYT introduced a new version of the TH-350 radio for the American market that allows 8 characters for the channel name.

The RT Systems programmer handles that change to the radio. Unfortunately, TYT put no other identifier in the radio to let us know which version you have. The chances of having something go wrong with those names is really high!!

The RT Systems programmer is defaulted to 5 characters. If you were sold a radio claiming to have an 8 character name display, you can identify it by the presence of an FCC ID: xxxxx on the label under the battery. The original radio did not have this information on the label. Check before you go further.

Then in the programmer, before you do anything else... yes, really before you get data from the radio the first time... select Settings | Number Name Characters and change the option to 8. Now, close and restart the programmer.

With this done you will be able to enter 8 characters for the name and when you do Communications | Get data from radio, you will see all 8 characters in the name field.

If you do not reset the programmer, names that you have in the radio that have 8 characters (you entered manually or through other program) will be truncated and duplicated.... it just does not play nice with them if they are too long.

If that happens, set the programmer for 8 characters and complete Communications | Get data from radio again.

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