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Splits in FT-65 / FT-25
Last Updated: 09/25/2019
These radios cannot do that pair of frequencies. This is a Yaesu radio that requires the offset frequency to be on .05 MHz steps. This is confusing and I have to figure it out all the time... let me explain this way. The radio can do offset frequencies that are x.00, x.05, x.10, x.15, x.20 (it's like counting by 5s.)

The offset frequencies for the pair that you need to use is 153.770 - 149.650 = 4.120 MHz notice that x.12... notice it does not fall into the pattern shown above. Technically 4.120 MHz / .05 MHz = 82.4 (not a whole number... that decimal is the kicker).

With that said, what is going on under the covers is that other Yaesu radios can do split and use independent transmit and receive frequencies in the same memory channel. This radio does not have that in the design of the memory channels. Notice the manual does not detail saving a split as do other Yaesu manuals.

So, this one won't work for your work frequency.

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