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KRS-V71 Version 5.00.19 Update

Last Updated: 07/13/2019
The update to Version 5.00.19 of the KRS-V71 programmer for the Kenwood TM-V71 is an important one IF you use certain features on your radio.

You will see the issue on your radio IF you set Memory Recall Method (Menu item 201 or in Setttings | PM# Menu Settings in the program) to Current Band. One side of the radio will appear to "lock up" after programming. You will not be able to access the memory channels properly In the file we were using, the radio automatically access 440MHz on the left and 2M on the right... not quite sure how but it worked that way.

Because the first channel was 2M and the radio was being told to recall in current band, it could not find the first 440MHz memory channel. What was strange was if you pressed and held the MR key, all worked properly after you stopped the radio from scanning so you may have never considered this a problem if you were heavy handed on that button.

With all that said, the update to Version 5.00.19 released 07/13/2019 corrects that issue and the radio now finds the first channel in the current band for each side.

This is an important update that I would recommend to everyone.

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