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VX-7 Name Display
Last Updated: 06/11/2019
Names are displayed on the VX-7 only when the radio is 1) in single receive AND 2) in small text.

From the face of the radio once programmed

1) Press and hold Main until the radio toggles between single and dual display. Do this repeatedly until you get the feel of it. Continue with the radio in single receive.

2) Press MoniF key. Watch the display change. These changes are not important for name display. Notice on the display that a small [F] appears at the lower left of the screen. This is important (when on the radio does one thing with the next button click. When off, it does something else).

3) Press MoniF then Main key. The display will toggle between large numbers (without name) and small numbers with name.

In the programmer,

Settings | Radio Menu Settings
Toggles | uncheck Dual Display
Display | uncheck 2XDisplay.

Save and send to the radio with the frequency file.

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