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USB-70 and USB-72 Cables

Last Updated: 01/31/2019
In mid-2015, RT Systems released programming software and cables for a few new mobile radios. At the time, these mobile radios used our USB-72 cable as pictured below. It had the correct fitting plug to address these radios.

Since their release and newer variants of these radios have become available, we have found the USB-72 has become incompatible with certain models in some cases. The USB-70 cable, as pictured below, has taken the place of the USB-72 cable as we have found it to work more reliably with the RT Systems software and these select radios.

The radios affected are:

  • BTech UV-2501
  • Juentai JT-6188
  • Luiton LT-825
  • QYT KT-8900 and KT-8900R
  • SainSonic GT-890
  • Zastone MP-300

The issue was most noticeable on the QYT KT-8900 when the data jack was split off from the external speaker jack on the back and moved to its own jack on the front of the radio. In most cases, the USB-72 did still work. But on select computer systems, a communication error may have occurred. If you have both the USB-70 and USB-72 cables, the software will work with either one. Just be sure to watch for which port to connect it to on your radio. If you find either cable does not work on the rear port, double check your radio for the front data port instead.

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