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2.5kHz steps in Wouxum KG-UV920P

Last Updated: 08/27/2018
The Wouxum KG-UV920P was first released without 2.5kHz steps. This would keep it from reaching a frequency such as 449.9775. You would receive an Invalid frequency error message when trying to enter this frequency.

  1. Only your radio can tell the programmer whether or not it has the 2.5kHz step. Do Communications | Get Data from Radio to let the radio tell the programmer
  2. If you are handling multiple radios and cannot send a file to one of them, when you do Communications | Get data from Radio for that one, you may lose the 2.5kHz step and need to do Communications | Get data from Radio for a radio that does have the 2.5kHz step to get it back.
  3. If you are on a new computer and have just installed the programmer, you will need to do Communications | Get data from Radio to trigger the 2.5kHz step on for your radio. Remember, only the radio can tell the programmer.
Remember: There are two different radios out there with the same number... thank you Wouxum. It can take some extra steps to keep the files and radios in sync.

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