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How the Quad Band KG-UV980H radio handles frquencies.
Last Updated: 02/05/2018

The Wouxum KG-UV980H Quad Band radio handles frequencies differently on its right and left sides.

  • The left side handles all of the bands (actually, there are more than four) listed on page 3 of the User's Manual for the radio. There is a misprint in the information of the manual. The 108.000 - 179.995 MHz range actually goes from 108.000 - 175.995 MHz. You can verify this using VFO on your radio.

  • The right side handles only 2 Meter and 440 MHz frequencies. So memory channels you have programmed with 6 Meter and 10 Meter repeaters will not show up on the right side. The radio will skip over these channels when the knob is turned or during scanning on the right side.

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