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VX-7 Accessing Marine and Shortwave Pre-programmed Frequencies

Last Updated: 11/12/2017
The VX-7 comes pre-programmed with 89 popular Short-wave Broadcast Station Memory Channels and 280 VHF Marine Channels. When trying to access the BC Station or Marine channels you may get a beep when you press the PTT as described in the process on pages 55 and 56 of the manual for the radio.

It appears that is is necessary fro the radio to be in single receive mode on the Main band for access to these Special Memories. Here are some hints for getting there.

  • Press and Hold the Main key until the radio switches to single display. In this mode the display will include one frequency and other information.
  • Check that Main appears at the lower left corner. If Sub appears, press Main once briefly. This will not work in Sub band.
  • Press [Moni/F] the [9] key to access Special Memories.
  • Turn Ring of the knob on top to Marine or BC Stations.
  • Press PTT to access this mode and exit.
To exit to regular memory/VFO operation, repeat the steps and select Off for special memories.

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