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Auto Step and Limit Memory Scanning

Last Updated: 11/12/2017
The Limit Memory channels that are PMS scanning setup in the FTM-400 offer a Step option. This option is used by the radio during scanning only if Auto Step is turned off.

The default for Auto Step is On and the program captures that setting when you do the first Communications | Get data from radio. This saves you from losing this feature unexpectedly. It's a nice feature when you're tuning or scanning in VFO.

There are two ways to turn off Auto Step. With Auto Step disabled, the radio will scan according to the step you set in the Upper and Lover Limit Memory Channels.
  1. You can turn it off after you send the data from the programmer to the radio. This is done one for Band A and separately for Band B. To do this
    • Press the [V/M] key to return to VFO on Band A or Band B.
    • Press and Hold [DISP/Setup] button to access the Setup Menu
    • Touch to select Config
    • Rotate knob to 7. FM AM Step. Touch to select.
    • Select any step value other than Auto.
    • Press [Back] repeatedly to save and exit.
    • If you want to scan on Band B, repeat steps for Band B.
  2. Once you turn Auto Step off, save the change to the programmer.
    • In the programmer, do File | New
    • Do Communications | Get data from radio
    • Given that the radio was programmed with all your memory and option settings, you can now use this file instead of the original one. The Auto Step option will remain off.

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