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Knowledge Base:  
DStar Gateway Version 3 ("G3") 11/2016
Last Updated: 11/19/2016
There is a lot of speculation and bad information propagating throughout the D-STAR community regarding ID-51A Plus2, the RS-RP3C (G3) software, K5TIT and the Trust Server. This is offered in an effort to provide accurate information.

The Trust Server

The Trust Server is a necessary element in the design of D-STAR. This key feature is neither owned nor controlled by ICOM. The Trust Server is owned by the Texas Interconnect Team (K5TIT), and managed by an international team of volunteers - the Trust Server Admin Team. This is not planned to change.

D-STAR Gateway Version 3 ("G3")

There is a pending release of G3 by ICOM. The Trust Server is now converted, as are some test Gateway systems. Additionally, the D-STAR system in Japan is now converted to G3. ICOM has not yet announced details of the G3 release outside of Japan, but it is expected soon. The G3 gateway software has been tested by the Trust Server Administration team. The Team has also been ensuring that DPLUS, DstarMonitor and other admin tools will work when installed. This volunteer team has spent a considerable number of hours working on this, and preparing the tools needed to convert the remaining Gateways in the network.

ID-51A Plus2

The newly released radios have several exciting new features. Those features are enabled by and require G3 Gateway registration. Those new features will be enabled as soon as the Gateways convert to G3, which will then allow users to register another Terminal ID, as an "Access Point". Until those conversions occur, the radios are functional as normal D-STAR user radios.

Another exciting time is rapidly coming to the D-STAR community. We will see new functionality and inter-operability that we have long wanted. It's going to be FUN!

Vy 73 de Darren
Trust Server Admin Team

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