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Receive Beep When Scanning

Last Updated: 06/19/2014
To turn off the Beep heard when a signal is received during scanning, you must control Menu Item Number 624 Rx Beep.

That item can be set separately for each Programmable memory. If you are not using Programmable Memories, you need only make the change to it once... but don't be surprised if it turns back on sometime in the future (when you accidentally change PMs).

In the KRS-710 Programmer, control for that item is found at Settings | PM Memories 0-5 (yes, you will do this 6 times if you want all your bases covered) | APRS 2 tab | Sound section (lower left) | RX Beep. Set this option to Off for silence when a signal is received during scanning.

Before you close the screen for the first time, be sure to save the settings by using File | Save on that PM0 Settings screen (Settings is a great name for the file). Then when each subsequent change is made, do File | Save to make it permanent before closing the settings screen each time. Alternately, you can adjust this options differently in each of the Programmable Memories.

You will need to do this only once in the programmer. Once you have the settings file in place, touch up is not needed when you make a new frequency file.

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