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The Installation Must Run From the Original CD" Error During Installation On A Parallels Virtual Machine
Last Updated: 01/07/2016
Parallels sometimes has trouble recognizing an optical drive (e.g. a CD/DVD drive) as such - this, in turn, causes problems while installing our software. The virtual machine can access the installation files, but does not 'recognize' that they are on a CD. If this happens, it will give you the original CD error when you try to run the setup.exe file from an RT Systems CD.

To resolve this, click on Devices in the Parallels menu bar, which should be located at the top of your screen. Hover your mouse over CD/DVD 1, and make sure that Disconnect is not checked. If it is, hover your mouse over Real CD/DVD and select one of the options available there. You may need to experiment a bit to determine which of the options located there will work. Please see the image below:

If this does not help, please see this article from Parallels' tech support.

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