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Programming the FTM-400 via the SD Card
Last Updated: 06/25/2019
FTM-400 Data Transfer
The ADMS-M400 Radio Programmer
for the Yaesu FTM-400
Getting the initial details from the radio.
Programming the Yaesu FTM-400 radio begins with getting data from the radio to give the Programmer identifying information it needs. What is retrieved in this process is modification status, world wide version (American, European, South American, etc) and other information about the radio that can only be retrieved from it.

This will be your first experience working with the SD card and the data transfer process on this radio. These steps will help you through that process
Step 1: Press and hold for 1 second the [DISP/SETUP] key on the face of the radio to access the menu FTM-400 Front

Step: 2 From the menu, select SD card.

There are several reasons that this option may not be active.
  1. The SD card has not been inserted into the slot on the radio.
  2. The SD card was not inserted properly into the slot (upside down / not inserted all the way)
    The SD card goes into the slot with the teeth up (the little gold strips.)
  3. The SD card may not be formatted properly for this device. This is especially true if you are using a card that has been used in other devices.
    Remember, if you initialize the SD card in the radio, everything on the SD card will be erased. It is not necessary to initialize the SD card that comes with the ADMS-M400 kit (although if you do before you use it the first time, you won't lose anything.)
FTM-400 Front

Step: 3 Select Backup from the SD card menu.

You are still in control. There are still two more questions to answer to begin the process.
FTM-400 Front

Step: 4 Select Write to SD

This will transfer all the details of your radio to the SD card. Even in a new radio there are details that the Programmer needs to identify your radio.
FTM-400 Front

Step: 5 Select ALL

FTM-400 Front

Step: 6 Click OK to complete the process.

The process takes only a matter of seconds to complete.
FTM-400 Front

Step: 7 Remove the SD card from the radio.

Press and release the SD card gently to release it from the radio. The SD card will be ejected a little way making it much easier to grasp.

Insert the SD card into a reader for use in the computer.

Step: 8 Start the ADMS-M400 Programmer

The program opens in a default file.
If you have been working in the Programmer and it opens to the file you saved with memory channel details, do File | New before proceeding to the next step.
FTM-400 Front

Step: 9 Select Communications | Read Data from SD card from the menu

The Programmer will automatically read the data from the SD card as long as your computer recognizes the card and acknowledges it's present.

A small pop up window will appear stating the location on the card that it's reading the data from and then will return to the spreadsheet. The data in the spreadsheet should now reflect that of what's on the radio currently. If the radio is new, the spreadsheet will likely remain blank.


If the SD card is NOT automatically found, the Programmer will bring up an Open window with the default location pointed to your Documents directory since at this point it does not know the designation of your SD card. Use the directory tools in the Open box to find your SD card.

Your SD card will be a Removable Device. There may be several to choose from.

If necessary, choose them each in turn until you find on with the directory structure shown.

Do not change the filename that appears at the bottom of the screen. This is the file that the radio wrote and what the Programmer expects to read.

Once you find this directory structure, change to FTM400D\Backup\CLONE to find the file.

**Note: You may need to make sure that your microSD card is properly seated within the SD card adapter and that the write protection lock is in the OFF position. You may also need to ensure your card reader(s) driver is installed properly if you're using a "built-in" card reader on your computer.**
FTM-400 Front

**Step 10 only applies if the Programmer did NOT automatically read the data from the SD card location.**

Step: 10 Once the filename appears in the Open window, click the Open button

It may appear that nothing happens. The main screen does not change since there were no memory channels programmed in the radio; but, the Programmer has retrieved the information it needs to identify your radio.

You have completed this part of the process and are ready to set up a file for your radio with memory channels, VFOs, Limit memories and customized menu settings. You will need to repeat this part of the process if you make changes on your radio that you want to save to the computer or if you modify your radio to transmit outside the ham band.

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