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VX-8 Differences (8D vs 8G)
Last Updated: 12/31/2012

Some differences between the VX-8D and the VX-8G

There are more differences between the original VX-8D and the newer VX-8G that just the built in GPS unit.

  1. The receive frequency range of each.
    The VX-8D receives 0.5 MHz to 999.90 MHz (in appropriate bands).
    The VX-8G receives only from 108.00 MHz to 999.90Mhz (in appropriate bands)
  2. The transmit frequency range of each.
    The VX-8D transmits on 2M, 440MHz, 6M and 220Mhz.
    The VX-8G transmits on 2M and 440MHz.
  3. The programming cable for each.
    The VX-8D requires a cable with a special 7-pin plug to address the mic jack of the radio.
    The VX-8G uses a cable with a 2.5mm plug to address the data jack of that radio. This plug can also be used for data transfer with other programs that work thorugh the data jack.

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