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Radio rings when no one is calling

Last Updated: 08/08/2013
Presuming that you are working through a repeater with tone control,  you hear the ringing after you release the PTT.  

If this is the case, what you are receiving is the repeater "squelch tail" which is being transmitted with the tone (that's how the repeater would have to work for you to be using this feature through it or you would never be able to open another radio).   With the tone attached to that signal, your radio rings in response. There may not be voice; but there is carrier and tone.  That's all the radio needs for this feature.  

This will happen any time the repeater transmits it's ID if it has not been programmed otherwise (that would depend on the features of the repeater.)  

Actually this provides a new way to test that the repeater is transmitting the tone.  If you hear the bell, you have the tone and Tone Squelch will work for that repeater.  

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