IC-7610 Quick Offset Frequency Notes

  1. To enter the desired offset frequency which will be used in modes other than FM, access the F-INP screen on the radio by touching the MHz digits on the radio. Then touch F-INP and enter the desired offset frequency. Once entered and back to the operating mode, press SPLIT button to automatically put your radio into SPLIT mode and use the offset frequency to calculate the frequency for the Sub band.

  2. The quick split function lets you equalize the Main band's frequency to that of the Sub band and will then activate the SPLIT function. To do this, simply hold down the SPLIT button on your radio for 1 second. The Main band frequency will be set to match that of the Sub band.

  3. The Transceiver Offset found in the menu for the radio is used during SPLIT when the radio is in FM mode. To set this offset, select Menu | Function | Split from the face of the radio and change the Offset frequency.