When the Communications | Get data from radio or Communications | Send data to radio process cannot communicate with the radio, the following message will be displayed.

Communications Error IC-7000

This message lets you know that the Programmer can find the cable. That part of the process is working properly; however, there is no data flowing between the radio and the computer.

Possible causes:

Be sure the CI-V address in the radio is set to that shown in the message.. These two (radio and computer setting) must match for data to flow between the radio and the computer. To check this value in the radio:

  • Press the AF knob to enter the Set Menu

  • Press the F4 [OTH] key Press [F-1 (up)] or [F-2 (down)] to reach CI-V Address

  • Rotate tuning knob to set the desired value

  • Press [Menu/GRP] to exit.

Be sure the CI-V Baud Rate in the radio is set to Auto. Generally, the programmer will detect the baud rate automatically. Check this option in the Set Menu using steps similar to those detailed for the CI-V Address.

Be sure the cable is connected to the CI-V port on the back of the radio. Of the four 3.5mm jacks on the back of the radio, the CI-V port is the second from the heat sink.

The cable has failed. There may be a broken wire in the cable. You can check voltage between the shield (closest to the rubber) and the tip. With the cable connected to the computer and this message displayed, you should see about 3.75VDC.