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Technical Support
Remote Help

Requesting Help from TechSupport

Tech support personnel at RT Systems can connect to your computer to help you quickly and easily.

Help is available during business hours or at a time pre-arranged with tech support for personal attention. We look forward to helping you.

Use a browser that allows you to download and run an executable. Internet Explorer works well for those not familiar with where on their computer other browsers save a downloaded file.

Download and Run the remote control support tool using the by clicking on the button below.

- A pop-up box for the download will appear.

- Click Run.

- Once the program is running give techsupport personal Your ID from the sceen and then click on Start on the Client tab.

RTS-03 Driver Installation

Installation of drivers for the New RTS-03 USB to Serial adapter.

Click on the link to install the drivers. Complete the process 2 times for complete installation.

Technical Support Hours
Our Technical Support Hours Are:
  • Monday-Friday - 10:00 until 7:00 PM (Eastern Time)
  • Other hours by appointment. E-mail us to set up a day and time.
  • Call 303-586-6510 for personal assistance
You are also welcome to send e-mail to RT Systems for Tech Support.

In your message, please be sure to indicate the radio you are programming, the version number of the software (found under Help | About in the Programmer), and the nature of the problem. We respond to a message as soon as we can.

Updating Version 4 Programmers

We apologize for the difficulty you experienced updating the Version 4 programmer.
This will get the update completed now. In the future, the programmer will check automatically every 30 days so you won't have to worry about it again.

Before you begin, be sure none of the RT Systems programmers are running. You might want to re-boot the computer to be extra sure.

Run the updater by clicking on the button below.

- A pop-up box for the download will appear.

- Click Run.

- Be patient while the updater checks for the files it needs. It will let you know when this process is finished with either a list of files to be updated or a message that all files are up-to-date.

- If a screen appears with a list of files, click the Update button at the bottom of that screen to continue the process.

- Again, be patient while the process finishes. Do not try to open any of the programmers while it runs. This will cause the process to fail.

- Once the update finishes. Run your programmer as usual.

- Everything will be up-to-date.

USB Driver Installation
USB Drivers for RT Systems USB cables
other than the original VX-8 cable.

USB Drivers for the
original RT Systems VX-8 cable.