This is being written using the TM-V71 radio. The same functionality exists in the TM-D710 and TM-D710A. While a button press or menu item number may be a little different, the functionality will be the same.

The Kenwood radios don't have banks into which you can independently set memory channels. What they have are predefined banks that cover the channels in set groups.

So, you can arrange your channels in the programmer along the lines of the channel numbers to take advantage of this feature. For example, let's put 2M frequencies into channels 0 -99, 440 MHz frequencies into channels 100-199, Aircraft frequencies into channels 200-299. Use this pattern to divide your channels into logical groups for your use.

Remember: You don't have to fill all the channels in a group before you move to the next group. The radio does not care if it has blank channels. Just skip down the page in the programmer to get to channel 100 and start entering 440 MHz frequencies or down to channel 200 and enter aircraft frequencies.

So now that you have your channels entered into the programmer and saved, you may want to scan more than one group but not all of them. Access the settings for the PMs (programmable memories). These are really neat since you can set this six different ways so you are not limited to only one group combination.

Note: To access different PM configurations on your radio, press PM (button on the right side) then select the number of the configuration you want from those that appear above the buttons along the bottom of the radio's face.

You know which PM you're in by the indication that appears on the face of the radio. That indication appears about where the number was originally.

You can easily set up a combination of Groups to scan for each Programmable memory in the programmer. At the top of the screen, select Settings | PM0 Menu Settings (or whichever of the PM0 - PM5 that you want to use)
On the screen that opens, you find the Group Scan option at the bottom left. Fill in the numbers of the groups that you want to scan together. They can be consecutive or not. You might want groups 0 and 3 in PM0, Groups 0 and 4 in PM1, and others. Numbers are entered together without spaces or separating punctuation.

To use the Scan group on the radio.
  1. Be sure the radio is in memory mode. Press the MR key (lower left) to change to memory mode.
  2. Press and hold the Tuning Knob (the large one at the bottom left) to start Memory Group Scan. One of two things will happen:
    1. If you are in a group that is linked to another, the channels of BOTH groups will be included while scanning.
    2. If you are on a channel that is not in the Group, you will scan only the channels in that group. That is... if you are on channel 20, you will scan channels 0 - 99 if group 0 is not included in a Group Scan.
  3. Remember that at any time you can press and hold the MR button to scan ALL memory channels that are not marked for skip.