1) The radio holds the version number in two places. One is displayed to the user when the radio is put into Clone mode. The other is held internally. The internal one can be changed by the programmer. If a customer sends an old file to the radio without doing a Communications | Get data from radio, that internal number will be changed back to 1.1 although the number they see on the screen is still 1.2. The customer needs to reset the radio again. Then do Communications | Get data from radio BEFORE they send a file back to the radio. This gets the numbers correct in the program.

2) Changes in V1.2

Settings: Common - Programmable Keys all have more options. If one of these options is sent to an old radio, the programmable key will be empty.

Settings: APRS/GPS - Added Color settings for several options / Added Comport and Waypoint settings / Changed APRS Band and Data Band defaults

Settings: APRS Beacon - Added Beacon Filter option ALTnet / Added My Packet Popup option (checkbox) / Added in Status Text TX rate 1/2(freq) - 1/8(freq) options / Added Sort Filter options for Filter

Settings: Options - Added Voice Alert options