There is a bug in the design of the FTM-300 that is easy to avoid but is fatal if you encounter it. While it is easy to set up in the programmer, it is NOT the fault of the programmer, it is by design in the radio.

It has to do with Skip. Skip is a great feature. It can help you set up your radio so that it does not stop on "noisy" channels when scanning. However, if you set ALL channels in a memory group to Skip, then try to scan in that memory group, the radio will fail permanently.... in other words, you'll "brick" it.

Remember, your memory groups include:
  • M-All - All Memory Channels (Don't set everything to skip)
  • M-Air - AIR band memory channels (Don't set all your AIR band frequencies to skip)
  • M-VHF - 144 MHZ band memory channels (Don't set all your VHF frequencies to skip)
  • M-UHF - 430 MHZ band memory channels (Don't set all your UHF frequencies to skip)
  • M-GEN - VHF and UHF Band memory channels (Don't set all your VHF and UHF frequencies to skip)
  • M-GRP - Custom list of memory channels you designate (Don't set all of these in the custom group to skip).

Armed with these details, you can program carefully to avoid this issue.