FTM-400, FTM400
Channel Scan error: "ERROR No MEMORY"
This error occurs when the FTM-400 radio does not detect any valid channels to scan. The following are two solutions we have found.

  • Make sure you have at least one channel on your radio with the skip set to "Off", rather than "Skip"... if everything is set to Skip there is nothing to scan.
  • If you have the Receive Coverage setting set to "normal" (Settings | Radio menu settings | Common 1 | Config (band A and Band B)), make sure you have at least one channel in the VHF (~144 MHz) or UHF (~440 MHz) frequency bands. The radio will not be looking for the channels outside the ham band when Receive Coverage in is normal mode. Set this option to Wide to cover the ham band and beyond.

Additionally, the FTM-400 has a firmware bug that occurs if there are exactly 256 active channels with the skip setting set to either "Off" or "Select", and then one or more active channels set to "Skip". The order of these channels doesn't matter. The Receive Coverage setting affects which channels are considered active, so this error may appear to 'go away' depending on how Receive Coverage is set. If you suspect this bug may be the source of your problem, adding or removing at least one channel from your spreadsheet should resolve the issue.
10/03/2017 09:35AM