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RTSystems Programmer Updates

Before you begin, be sure none of the RT Systems programmers are running. You might want to re-boot the computer to be extra sure.

Run the updater for your version of the software by clicking on the appropriate button below.

Note: The Version 5 update will not address the Version 4 programmers.
Contact RT Systems for the cost to upgrade from Version 4 to Version 5.

- A pop-up box for the download will appear.

- Click Run.

- If a screen appears with a list of files, click the Update button at the bottom of that screen to continue the process.

- Once the update finishes. Run your programmer as usual.

- Everything will be up-to-date.

Cable Drivers

The following are drivers commonly used with RT Systems programming software.

Requesting Remote Help from Tech Support

Tech support personnel at RT Systems can connect to your computer to help you quickly and easily.

Remote help is available during business hours or at a time pre-arranged with tech support for personal attention. While you are welcome to click the button and do the download so you have the TeamViewer file ready for a call, we are not notified that you're doing so. Call us during tech support hours for personal assistance including remote help or to schedule an appointment for a time that works for you. We look forward to helping you.

Use a browser that allows you to download and run an executable or be prepared to work through the restraints of your browser and virus control programs. Internet Explorer works well for those not familiar with where on their computer other browsers save a downloaded file.

Download and Run the remote control support tool by clicking on the button below.

- Available 8-5 Monday through Friday (Mountain Time) or by appointment only

- A pop-up box for the download will appear.

- Click Run.

- Once the program is running give tech support personnel Your ID from the screen and then click on Start on the Client tab.

Note: On some versions of Windows, the Team Viewer web page cannot be displayed due to missing system files. If you get a "Page cannot be displayed message when you use the button above, use this link to access a download of Team Viewer to use with RT Systems Tech support. Team Viewer Manual Download
Download RT Systems software

This section is not for purchasing the RT Systems Programmers. If you have not yet purchased the Programmer for your radio, select the manufacturer of your radio on the left, then follow the prompts to find the RT Systems Programmer for your specific radio model.

The link here takes you to the page where you can download the Version 5 setup files again once you have your serial number.

If you have a serial number for an RT Systems Version 5 programmer (from a sale on the RT Systems page that you downloaded at some time in the past or from a purchase through a dealer), use this serial number and your e-mail address (the one you used originally if you have downloaded in the past or one that you can use again in the future) to retrieve the setup files for installation.

For an electronic order of Version 5 purchased directly from RT Systems, that you have not yet downloaded and for which you do not yet have your serial number, have your order number ready along with the email address you used at the time of purchase and follow the link below.