Cabling for Firmware Upgrades
for the Yaesu FT-450 Radio.

It has been a long time since there was a firmware upgrade for this radio (2012) but just the other day (2022) we were asked about cabling to complete this process. I offer this information for you concerning that cabling.

  1. Using a DB9F to DB9F
  2. Using DB9F to DB9F with RTS-03 USB to Serial Adapter
    • The combination works well for the firmware upgrade other than having to change the comport designation if it is greater than Com 10. If you already have a serial cable and just need to convert to USB for your computer, the RTS-03 adapter will complete that cabling.
    • The adapter is mentioned in the instructions for the upgrade. Seems Yaesu found it to be reliable for this process.
    • Get the RTS-03 from RT Systems RTS-03 USB to Serial Adapter
  3. Using the RT Systems USB-63 cable
    • This is the cable that comes with the ADMS-450 programming kit. You may already have it. It works well for the firmware upgrade other than having to adjust the com port designation to one less than Com 10. This is one cable that is DB9F to address the radio and USB to address your computer all in one.
    • Get the USB-63 from RT Systems USB-63 Programming / CAT Control Cable